Using Our Paint: It’s Easy!





There’s no anxiety in painting because you know you can’t mess up. If you paint a piece, and later decide you don’t like it, you can always go back and simply paint over it. It’s a great thing to know you can go back and change something.
We wanted Little Billy Goat to be easy to use for our customers. For us, it was important to have low task factors that keep it enjoyable while using it. You simply paint and seal. It’s really that easy. For high traffic areas, perhaps areas that will have a drink on it, we recommend painting, using our sealant and then doing another brush over. The whole process is kept simple, just for you.





The first step to refreshing your piece is to simply start with a clean surface. Clean your entire piece with a wet cloth to remove any dust or dirt, etc. Stir well before use. For best results, apply generously. Take your spray bottle and lightly spray the surface of your piece to allow the paint to easily move across the surface and create a smoother finish. Apply a second coat if needed to cover any spots that are not covered thoroughly. It’s best to let your piece dry completely before distressing and/or sealing. Depending on temperature and humidity, dry times will vary.






Without water, the paint creates a texture, while adding water to paint makes a smoother surface.




By adding more water, the paint will become smoother and start to turn into a wash.




Adding a lot of water makes a wash which creates a different effect.



Little Billy Goat is the next generation of chalk style restoration paint. It is fresh, fun, easy and friendly to our environment. Little Billy Goat is water based and low VOC. This product is a one-step restoration paint and will thoroughly cover up old varnishes, scratches and blemishes and restore vintage surfaces to a rich matte antique look.



Apply thoroughly mixed Little Billy Goat Paint only at temperatures above 45 degrees F. Clean tools with soap and water immediately after use.



Little Billy Goat Paint & Antiquing Glaze can be used on any surface to restore furniture, cabinetry, walls, trim and home decor items, etc. No sanding, striping or priming is required with this product. For best results apply with a Little Billy Goat Paint Brush.



There are several different types of distressing with Little Billy Goat paint. One technique is wet distressing. Simply take a wet rag and rub away any paint from the edges or area where you want a distressed finish. It’s that easy! You can also achieve a distressed finish by using Little Billy Goat Antiquing Glaze. Lightly brush on a layer over the edges or areas where you would like the additive distressed finish.