The trend these days are all about vintage and restoration. When you have a piece of furniture that you’ve loved (maybe too much), spruce it up and change the look with a fresh coat of paint. It’s fun, easy and a completely painless process. I prefer to paint with Little Billy Goat Paints due to its ease of application and flexibility. Literally you can’t make a mistake because any paint out of place can be removed or smoothed with a spritz of water on a paintbrush or cloth.

For the hutch project, It started with an orange honey-brown wood that needed some help. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before shots, but this piece was really in-need of some TLC.


The Color and Technique

The color I chose to repaint the hutch was Little Billy Goat’s Prizewinner. This deep-blue color is one of my favorites. The paint is concentrated so you get a deep paint color without the need for multiple coats. The paint also fills in all those nicks and scratches that well loved furniture gets over time.

As noted above, water is often used to smooth Little Billy Goat Paints. Because this hutch has an oil-based finish, its slick, therefore there wasn’t a need to use water. The need for water is often dependent on the porousness of the piece and the effect you are looking to achieve.

The Brush

The brush I used for the project is the Pointed Sash brush. It allows you to get the paint into the details and reach all the crevasses. I also used the Block paintbrush for the large areas. You can choose to use the brush with the handle attached or for more control take the handle off. This is a great brush for making short work of large areas, such as the top and side of the hutch.


Achieving the Look

For this project, just to save some clean up time, I taped off the center stripe and used Little Billy Goat’s Farm House Gray for the center stripe. After painting the centerpiece, I pulled off the tape just so it wouldn’t peel any dry paint.

After the paint dried, to give it the distressed look, I took some sand paper to the center stripe, the edges, the legs and top to give it the worn look. To seal the paint, I finished the hutch with Little Billy Goat Matte Sealer using a synthetic brush.

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you can change out the hardware, but I liked the handles so I kept them and they look nice with this newly painted hutch. Now it’s a brand new piece and you would’ve never known it was orange honey-brown, scratched and worn out.

This was a fun piece to use Little Billy Goat Paints on and I couldn’t be happier with its ease of use and quick clean up, making it the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture.



*Image and painting credit go to Savannah Brown at Jux Ta Posh in Lubbock.